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I've acting without thinking of the consequences it may bring. It's annoying me, since when did I start becoming emotional? I shouldn't let my guard down, for one moment. However, I have no guilt whatsoever for my actions. I'm not talking about Omi, I'm not that cruel enough to not feel the slightest bit of hurt when I see him cry. But I will not get into that.

I've been becoming more and more close to Hidaka, and frankly, I don't want to have any feelings for him. Yet, I've been becoming attracted to his personality, somehow, it interests me. All he does is ramble on and on about useless things, but I listen. I don't want to. Things have been going too far, I cannot handle these emotions.

I never mentioned about my ' relationship ' ( if you must call it that ) with Ken, but I'm positive that there is something there. I've never seen myself as the ' dating ' type. Let alone someone who is attracted to males. [ooc: -cough- asexual -cough-] But that's beside the point.

The thing is --
I kissed him earlier.
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